Savor Venezuelan Sweets at Araya Artisan Chocolate


Husband-wife duo Stefano Zullian and Carla Susi join forces with Carla's sister Silvana to keep Araya Artisan Chocolate thriving. The trio hails from Venezuela, where some of the best cacao in the world flourishes. Stefano, Carla, and Silvana actually went to many of the small farms where cacao was harvested and were so intrigued by […]

Change Tracks in 2017: Start at the Houston Career Fair


If you're seeking out a new job in the new year, chances are you aren't the only one. You'll be met by many other job-seekers at the Houston Career Fair – Galleria, an event geared toward folks who are looking for a change in their professional lives. The Houston Career Fair brings some of the […]

Have Winter Fun on The ICE at Discovery Green This Season


It doesn’t snow very often in Houston. No, the city is known for being on the warmer side no matter what the calendar says. At first thought, this might put a bit of a damper on the winter season, as it virtually eliminates any chance of enjoying a “winter wonderland,” but there are still places […]

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