Explore an Ever-Changing Omasake Menu at Kukuri

September 26, 2017 | cimgroup

"Omotenashi" refers to a distinctly Japanese approach to hospitality, one that is equal parts good food and friendly service. When Kukuri opened in Houston at the beginning of August, its chef and owner Shimao Ishikawa vowed to bring omotenashi to the Southern city, and according to early reviews, he's meeting that goal.

Nearly 30 reviews award Kukuri a four-star average, citing the chef's omakase tasting menu as an excellent option if you want to try the best sushi and seared seafood that Chef Shimao has to offer. Although the omakase menu changes every month, it always includes a seafood-centric appetizer, a seasonally inspired second course, a grilled entree, and sushi and sashimi, plus soup and dessert. If you'd rather pick and choose your own meal elements, each day at Kukuri offers a fresh spread of sushi and sashimi featuring everything from tuna to eel.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos

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