Sample the Signature Hot Dogs at JonJon’s Hot Dog

May 15, 2017 | cimgroup

Feast on Houston-style hot dogs at JonJon’s Hot Dog, a local hot dog purveyor that is a favorite for people throughout the area. The mobile truck specializes in two signature dogs that you'll definitely want to try: a loaded veggie dog and the Houston original (the signature hot dog that made this spot famous). The hot dogs are both $5 apiece and are only available at this popular local cart, and the signature hot dog comes topped with grilled onions, fried onions, Sriracha, spicy mustard, and curry ketchup. You can also pair your dog with a soda.

The cart is located at Little Woodrow’s Midtown on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, which is just three miles from Memorial Hills. On Sundays, the hot dog cart can be found at Capitol Bar Midtown.

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