Savor Venezuelan Sweets at Araya Artisan Chocolate

March 16, 2017 | cimgroup

Husband-wife duo Stefano Zullian and Carla Susi join forces with Carla's sister Silvana to keep Araya Artisan Chocolate thriving. The trio hails from Venezuela, where some of the best cacao in the world flourishes. Stefano, Carla, and Silvana actually went to many of the small farms where cacao was harvested and were so intrigued by the process that they decided to go into the chocolate business full-time.

So in 2010, the team opened Araya Artisan Chocolate in Houston. They exclusively use Chocolates El Rey, a family-owned business with a long legacy, to make their signature confections. This cocoa comes from Venezuela and is Fair Trade and single origin. It's the main ingredient in popular chocolates like the Bourbon and Cherry and Chai Spice, not to mention the selection of vegan and dairy-free desserts. Will you be sampling some sweet treats from Araya Artisan Chocolate this week?

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