Campesino Coffee Serves Latin Coffee Specialties and Empanadas in Houston

July 1, 2016 | cimgroup

Campesino Coffee serves unique coffee blends, and locals have taken notice to the delicious cups of java that are being poured at this coffee shop. All the beans that are used at Campesino Coffee are sourced from South America, Central America, or Mexico, and while the bean selection rotates, guests can expect flavorful cups of coffee no matter what day they visit the cafe. While the cafe does pour regular cups of coffee, it also promises a slew of Latin American-inspired coffee beverages like cafe con leche, horchata, cafe Cubano, and more.

Many visitors of Campesino Coffee choose to pair their java with one of the savory empanadas that are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner project planning software. Empanadas come stuffed with everything from chorizo to vegan cheese. Anyone interested in trying this great restaurant should check it out—it's just a short trip from Memorial Hills.

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