The Top 3 Salons and Spas in Memorial Heights

April 29, 2016 | cimgroup

When you are having a stressful week, or when you need to break out of your regular routine, booking an appointment at a spa or salon is a great option for granting yourself a little bit of pampering and relaxation. After you move to Memorial Heights, Houston, you should take some time to try some of the neighborhood’s highly rated spas. These local businesses are also available to help you look your best for a party or special event. Use this guide to learn about the most popular spas our community has to offer, and decide which one you will be booking an appointment with first.

A Gentle Touch

Moving to a new town can certainly be a stressful endeavor, and your body is left to carry all of the tension all day, every day. Once you have completed your move to Memorial Heights, book a massage at Massage Heights on Yale Street. The professional masseuse team at Massage Heights is committed to providing a relaxing and soothing experience with your every visit. They have adopted several green initiatives so that they can respect the environment while providing their services. They use biodegradable lotions and non-toxic cleaning supplies, so there is no guilt about utilizing their services. With every visit to Massage Heights, you will feel refreshed and ready to resume your regular routine.

Hair Care

When you walk into a room, or when you are being introduced, your hair is more than likely to be the first thing people notice about you. This means that entrusting your hair care to a professional team that you can trust is positively essential. When you are looking for hair salons in Memorial Heights, the first business you should check out is Shine in the Heights, a boutique salon on East 11th Street. The creative team behind Shine is dedicated to helping men, women, and children look and feel their best so that they ultimately “shine.” Whether you need a simple cut or a new style, the Shine in the Heights team is always available to help you.

Nail It!

Few things can make you feel better than walking around town with a fresh pedicure and manicure. But, you still want to be sure that your nail care artist is providing excellent service at an affordable cost. There is never a need to worry when you visit Zen Cookie Nails. Located on Washington Avenue, you will always be treated to the best pedicure and manicure services with every visit to Zen Cookie Nails. If you are unsure before your first visit, they have examples of the work they have produced for clients on their website. One look at those pictures will convince you that Zen Cookie Nails are the best out of the nail care spas in Memorial Heights. Plus, they are always happy to accept appointments or walk-ins.

There are plenty of local salons and spas in our community that are available to help you look and feel your best. Which of these businesses will you be visiting first?

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